Day 23: Dæmons

March 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

If your soul was a dæmon
Which animal would it be?
A ferret, a badger, a hairy chimpanzee?
Lord Asriel had a leopard and John Faa had a crow
But what if you had an elephant or a water buffalo
A giraffe, or a hippo or perhaps a grizzly bear
Wouldn’t it be difficult to take them everywhere
Lyra’s dæmon was a white ermine an eagle and a moth
With my speed and agility, I expect mine would be a sloth


Day 22: She said:

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Would you like to come for dinner?
Are you still trying to get thinner?
Though you’re looking rather fetching
(Are you sure you’re not expecting?)
That reminds me are you going to Gail’s party
Its an eighties sort of do,
Thought I’d borrow something from you.

Day 21: For Mary, my mother-in-law.

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For Mary, my mother-in-law



Day 20: The Perfect Moment

March 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day 19: The Demise of a Cat

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Day 18: Wiffled and Waffled

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It’s been one of those days
Where I’ve dithered and dothered
And not got things done cos I couldn’t be bothered
On top of that I’ve probably wiffled and waffled
Got into arguments and major league quaffells
I’ve also been strangely rather sporadic,
And behaving in ways you could say were monadic,
Which seems like the thing I’d quite like to be
The monad is the ultimate element of reality,
It has bulk without mass and a mind without matter
So you’d never care and you’d never get fatter.

Day 17: Not quite Spring

March 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

On Day 14, I told you so,
You thought it was Spring
And now there’s snow,
It’s been snowing for three hours
And is forecast all night
That palette of Spring colours
Painted over in a layer of white